Poverty cycle is not broken due to lack of effective education system. Our primary focus is on education because one can be self-reliant if one is educated. Education mean not only schooling it has to be for everyone. We implement various programs for various age groups.

In India even though children are getting primary education and secondary education most of them are not continuing their studies due to various reasons like lack of interest, lack of proper learning skills and poor economic stability.

Global language development program ensures that students will get proper learning and build enthusiasm in them. In this we equip children under the age of 7 years with fluency in English and the higher age group with academic needs.

Most parts of rural India have access to the internet but not the skills to use it to facilitate learning among children. By teaching children to become fluent in English with global accents, we empower them to discover and learn through online resources.

Green Connexion has developed a curriculum that is delivered to children using a Green Kiosk. This program brings children and their mothers together, to learn and grow as a community. In the process of learning English, these children and the community they belong to are also made aware of the role of education in reducing exploitation and unemployment.

This program motto is to change lives by empowering them with language and critical brain development skills to children by facilitating access to online learning resources.

Empowering Programs

This program is to educate illiterate adults. They lack outside knowledge and most of them follow old practices in many aspects. To empower them we organise community engagement programs on various aspects like lifestyle, health & hygiene, farming practices etc. The motto of this program is to raise the level of knowledge among the adults to present scenario.

The main reason to start this program is most parts in India is that though rural children are taught about health & hygiene, organised methods of employment or lifestyle those learning’s are not coming into actions as they tend to follow their parents or elders in the family.


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