We’ve had the privilege to upgrade the skills of people

As mentioned earlier about the reasons for dropouts economic stability is one in them. This skill development program is for improving the economic conditions of rural people. Most of the rural people depend on agriculture which is unpredictable any natural calamity or anything out of order results zero output for their work and effort. To ensure safety we involve them in skill development programs which fetches them extra income. GOVT of India is also implementing many schemes under skill development to empower and involve rural people in them. We also partner with GOVT in some schemes to avail more benefit for rural people.

Most of the villagers in India have more leisure time than they think. Most of the time they engage themselves in some sort of work in an unproductive way, we identify the areas where they are spending too much time and provide solutions to increase their productivity.

Green Connexion also researches about the skills they know, resources available near the target village, market insights around that region in various fields to strategize a plan to start some skill development programs in the community. Once the training program is done we also link the community with the market.

Research on

  • Community people’s timeline
  • Skill identification
  • Resources availability
  • Scope of market around the region in various fields

Listing out the possible skills along with their market analysis

Checking their feasibility

Choosing appropriate skills for the community

Training program

Production phase

Market linkage

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