We’ve had the privilege to work with root problems of people

We have a simple organizational structure which brings a sustainable change in the society


  • In this we identify the rural region
  • Later we introduce us and our intention to them


  • We explore the rural area and interact with each family to gather information from their perspective
  • We will interact using a questionnaire to know the in and out of the community


  • After the research phase we collate the data collected and have a discussion within our organization people
  • We bifurcate their inputs with valid reasons and identify the unrecognised points/information about the community

Brain Storming

  • In this phase we explore the each and every possible option for the problems identified in the community


  • We check the feasibility of every option identified, its impact on the rural community, its impact on other areas of interest, its effect on the sustainability model


  • In this we involve the stake holders and explain about the options and their feasibiliity to finalize the option in everyones best interest


  • We start the implementation either by pilot or project phase

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